Heating method of Bearing2018-08-29 19:49:34

Aero-engine shaft bearing testing machine is usually installed in two sets of internal and external heating to meet the requirements of high temperature test of spindle bearing. The heating of the lubricating oil to the bearing when the heat is passed through the bearing is called internal heating (the heating device is arranged in the lubricating system), and the method of heating the bearing directly outside the bearing is called external heating.

Domestic aero-engine spindle bearing testing machine external heating Most of the use of Resistance belt (wire) or carbon rod to the test bearing heating, but in the application of the thermal efficiency is low, the power consumption is large and the bearing heating speed is slow or the use of auxiliary settings more 's shortcomings. In view of this situation, we used the SR m high power density electrothermal element to place the bearing outer liner in the 19 8 7 year in the Z Y S 18 50 8 testing Machine Technical transformation project, and directly heated the sun to replace the original resistance belt heating device. This is the first time a new type of heating method is used in the domestic bearing testing machine.

Features of the new heating device

(1) Low heat loss and high efficiency.
(2) Simple structure, wide applicability.
(3) Low cost and good economy
(4) Option flexibility, energy saving