Characteristics of CA type and CC type spherical roller bearing2018-09-04 11:43:53

There are two rows of spherical roller, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, with good tuning performance, when the shaft bending or installation is not concentric when the bearing can still be used, the type of bearing load capacity is larger, in addition to withstand the radial load bearing can also withstand biaxial axial load, has better impact resistance, In general, spherical roller bearings allow low operating speeds. With other bearings do not have the adjustment of the heart, and the adjustment of the heart with the bearing size series different, the general allowable angle of adjustment is the following table:

Bearing Allow wrong heart value
Series Angel
213 1
222 1.5
223 2
230 1.5
231 1.5
232 2.5
239 1.5
240 2
241 2.5

This determines that the spherical roller bearings can be applied to some of the poor performance of the work place, especially the two ends of the heavy-duty long shaft, can avoid shaft bending caused by misalignment of the bearing operation, which is not the characteristics of other types of rolling bearings, and in the rolling sector, mining machinery, crusher, gear box, steel rolling conveyor, reducer, Rolling mill tension Roller and other applications, the current CA-type and CC-type two structures are most widely used.

CA type and CC type two major structures within the main inner ring has no flange, the cage is a car-made solid or stamping frame to distinguish.

CA type: One brass machined cage, inner ring without middle flange, end face has two small flanges, roller is symmetrical type.

CC Type: Roller is symmetrical type, inner ring without middle flange, and non-stop edge, Cage split, the material is stamped steel frame cage, roller and roller design activities between the spacer ring, its role can effectively reduce the internal friction of the bearing, can effectively assist the non-stress zone rolling element to enter the load zone correctly, The ultimate speed of the bearing is also increased.

Therefore, in the application of the situation, because of the CA structure of the cage, in the form of the bearing of limited size, occupy a lot of internal space, so that the shape of the rolling elements and the number of a certain limit, thereby reducing the bearing further increase the possibility of radial load capacity, In heavy-duty high-speed working conditions, the CC structure should be used more.

and CC structure of the spherical roller bearing, compared with the CA structure, the tensile strength of the cage has been greatly improved, and because the CC structure design than the CA structure design occupies less bearing interior space, so the use of increasing the number of rolling element, change the shape of the rolling body size, The radial bearing capacity of the bearing can be increased to a certain extent, so it can withstand more axial bearing capacity than the CA structure design