Common bearing Code representations2018-10-05 15:26:42

Prefix (placed at the front of the bearing code, separated by the "-" number):

L, inner ring or outer ring can be disassembled or separable (not commonly used)


In-house Design:

A, B, C, D, E, (indicating improvements in internal design, e.g. E for reinforced ball and Cage)

External design Aspects:

CA, Independent guide ring, inner ring Support flange


CC, improved internal design (vs. ca, CB)

K, Bore with taper

RS, Single side Friction seal (for needle roller bearings only)

2RS, double-sided Friction seal (for needle roller bearings only)

RS1, single-sided Friction Seal

2RS1, two-sided Friction Seal

Z, one side with dust cover

2Z, double side with dust cover

Cage Aspect:

J, Metal cage (common, General Omitted)

M, stamped brass cage

P, Plastic Cage

Accuracy Aspects:

P4, p4a, P5, P6

Internal Clearance Aspects:

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 (gap gradually increases, normal values between C2 and C3)

Grease Aspects:

HT, LHT, LT, MT (for self-lubricating bearings, indicating the temperature range for the grease within the Bearing)